White anthurium in a pot  

White anthurium in a pot




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White Anthurium flower is a flower very romantic and contemporary compares this with rose flower .

Make a nice surprise to your lovely person and send this plant through the online florist from Cluj, Flowers in Cluj.ro

White Anthurium is offered in a plastic pot and floral packaging.

Cultivating white anthurium plants:

Anthurium to thrive needs plenty of light but not direct sun, eastern or southern windows is recommended. A dim light will effect a decrease of flowering or plant does not bloom, grow deformed leaves

The ideal temperature is 17-25 degrees C.

When buying plants from growing and may have a little problem with the earth, namely if you want to repotting you have to be careful that ground use. A substrate to drain very well is the best. The substrate needed is a mixture of peat, topsoil and sand in equal proportions, the bottom of the pot does not hurt a layer of gravel.

During the vegetation soil should be moist but not teeming, less wet winter. If you have too much water leaves turn yellow.
Anthurium is a succulent plant that roots with better support a water deficit than a surplus.

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