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Red Roses Heart  

Red Roses Heart

A Greek legend says that the rose was meant to be, at birth, most beautiful flower. Goddess of flowers, Chloris, created the rose in the body of a dead nymphs, very dear to them, and he did not have that new pair of flower in the world. Therefore, the gods summoned everyone to give them something of their attributes: Dyonissos heady fragrance gave him, The three grates gave brightness, cheerfulness and charm, Zephyr, the wind of spring, has stepped aside Apollo clouds for him to shine and flourish. After, Ares, god of war, gave the thorns, that can defend the beauty of its flower.
Rose, the flower of love, and had to be associated with Aphrodite. Some stories say that Rose has appeared with the goddess of beauty, sea foam, surrounding it like a garland.
Other legends say that the rose would be born from a smile of Cupid and spines were actually pointing arrow of the god-child.
To help him prove his love to her and say "I love you!" We have created this bouquet of 27 red roses, white and pink heart-shaped place, specifically to pleasantly surprise your loved one, and to show your feelings.

Send this loving bouquet only Cluj online florist, Flowers to, which may be accompanied by a message and a sweet gift.

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