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Mauve Delicate  

Mauve Delicate

1000 years ago in Persia grew wild tulips. Flower native to Asia, has been cultivated tulip for the first time by the Turks . Sing by Persian poets, often represented in paintings and graphics by Turkish artists, tulip became a symbol at a time of the Ottoman Empire.

Take advantage of our free delivery in Cluj-Napoca and send her lovely person this fresh bouquet of 11 tulips purple, tied with a satin ribbons of the same color , so you can tell how much you appreciate and love her when you are not will wait.

* The image is for presentation purposes and contains no vase, it can purchase a category "Gifts" of our website.
** Floral nuances may differ depending on the stock (ie lighter purple, darker purple)

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Price: 125.00 Lei (€ 30.00)

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