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  • Bouquet for Andreea 

    158.00 Lei ( € 37.92 )
    We created especially for Andreea a bouquet in vibrant shades of pink, composed of 5 pink roses, 2 delicate orchids and 4 freesia, and for extra freshness arranged them nicely among aspidistra leaves.
  • 11 Gerbere colorate  

    130.00 Lei ( € 31.20 )
    O pata de culoare perfecta pentru orice incapare .
  • 11 yellow tulips 

    121.00 Lei ( € 29.04 )
    We created this bouquet of 11 yellow tulips , specifically to be offered when you want to express your feelings but you want to choose something special , give up the classics roses.
  • 7 pink gerberas 

    99.00 Lei ( € 23.76 )
    A bouquet made of 7 full appreciation pink gerbera and greenery.
  • 7 red tulips bouquet 

    99.00 Lei ( € 23.76 )
    Tell your feelings by giving him a fresh bouquet of 7 red tulips, sensual, and love.
    It's a bunch that can be offered at any time of life and a perfect choice for Valentine's Day.
  • Yellow love 

    156.00 Lei ( € 37.44 )
    Buchet elegant compus din 4 trandafirii galbeni , 3 gerbera portocalii, 2 crizanteme si 1 crin
  • Culorile toamnei 

    120.00 Lei ( € 28.80 )
    Culori impresionante impletite in acest buchet din 3 trandafirii portocalii , 2 gerbera rosii , 5 garoafe rosii si 1 crin .
  • Buchet 5 zambile 

    99.99 Lei ( € 24.00 )
    Buchet elegant compus din 5 zambile delicate.
  • 11 colorful freesias 

    159.00 Lei ( € 38.16 )
    A bouquet suitable for any age of 11 colorful freesias.
  • Be Happy 

    167.00 Lei ( € 40.08 )
    And soul will certainly smiled when it receives a bouquet so colorful.
  • Frezii si trandafiri albi 

    189.00 Lei ( € 45.36 )
    Buchet elegant compus din 5 trandafirii albi si 6 frezii mov.
  • Buchet cu frezia si trandafiri 

    209.00 Lei ( € 50.16 )
    Un buchet din nuante de mov, roz si alb , compus din 7 trandafiri si 8 frezii , perfect pentru a ai spune "TE ADOR " iubitei tale .
  • 12 moduri de a-i spune Te Iubesc ! 

    990.00 Lei ( € 237.60 )
    Spune-i "Te Iubesc " cu 12 buchete inedite.
  • 12 luni de Iubire 

    1700.00 Lei ( € 408.00 )
    Uimeste-o in fiecare luna cu alt buchet .
  • Sweet & Pink 

    156.00 Lei ( € 37.44 )
    "Sweet & Pink" este un buchet compus din 4 trandafiri , 5 crizanteme , 2 mini rose si verdeata proaspata toate acestea formand un buchet colorat , perfect pentru acest anotimp friguros.

    Pentru ca surpriza ta sa fie completa floraria online din Cluj , Flori la Cluj. ro iti pune la dispozitie o gama variata de praline si bomboane de ciocolata , vaze de sticla si ursuleti dragalasi de plus , toate acestea le gasiti in categoria "Cadouri" a site-ului nostru.

    *Imaginea este cu titlu de prezentare si nu contine vaza , aceasta o pute-ti achizitiona din sectiunea "Cadouri" a site-ului nostru .
  • Trio Love 

    295.00 Lei ( € 70.80 )
    Roz, rosu si alb...

    ''Trio Love" este un buchet delicat ,compus din 23 de trandafiri in nuante de rosu , roz si alb, iar la baza acestora am adaugat frunze de aspidistria pentru un plus de culoare.

    De asemenea floraria online din Cluj, Flori la Cluj .ro iti pune la dispozitie o gama variata de praline si bomboane de ciocolata, ursuleti dragalasi de plus si vaze de stica, facand astfel surpriza ta completa .

    *Imaginea este cu titlu de prezentare si nu contine vaza, aceasta o gasiti la sectiunea "Cadouri" a site-ului nostru.
  • 5 trandafiri si Toffifee 

    129.00 Lei ( € 30.96 )
    O frumusete contemporana intalnita in multe picturi cu regi si regine trandafirul rosu este o floare pasionala si senzuala.

    Noi am creat acest minunat buchet din 5 trandafiri rosii frumos armonizati cu verdeata langa care am adaugat o cutie de Toffifee** pentru a intregi surpriza.

    Floraria online din Cluj, Flori la iti ofera cele mai proaspete flori, si in plus, iti oferim TRANSPORT GRATUIT IN CLUJ pentru fiecare buchet comandat.

    *Imaginea este cu titlu de prezentare si nu contine vaza.
    **Cutie bomboane de ciocolata Toffifee de 125 gr.
  • Red Tulips 

    148.00 Lei ( € 35.52 )
    Red color is seen as a passionate, vibrant and warm, red tulips are flowers that tend to the perfection of generosity and love that it means person who gives.

    Cluj online florist, flowers in created this beautiful bouquet of 15 red tulips specifically to be gifted to loved ones, also can be accompanied by a message and a sweet gift.

    * Vase is for presentation and can be purchased on site
  • Irresistible!!! 

    120.00 Lei ( € 28.80 )
    If your tulips are a favorite, you'll be amazed with this bunch. Beautiful tulips in bright, vivid - all irresistible! This sumptuous bouquet of 11 tulips mixed colors like red, pink, yellow and purple each carefully and delicately arranged in a beautiful bouquet. These flowers sparkle with color and joy, and light on the person loved.
    Order now through our online florist bouquet of Cluj, Flowers, which may be accompanied by a message and a sweet gift.

    * Vase is for presentation and can be purchased on site
  • Spring it's here! 

    211.00 Lei ( € 50.64 )
    Our florists have composed this beautiful bouquet of 10 pink tulips and irises 11 especially to warm the soul and lovely person to tell that spring is just around the corner.
  • Trandafiri Multicolori 

    422.00 Lei ( € 101.28 )
    Baruch Spinoza, spune in "Etica" : "Veselia este bucuria īnsoţită de ideea lucrului trecut care s-a īntāmplat fără să se fi sperat."
    Noi am creat acest buchet multicolor de 31 trandafiri pentru a surprinde persoana care il va primi, de asemenea acest buchet va aduce raze de soare cat si dragoste in sufletul acesteia.
    Surprinde persoana iubita trimitandu-i acest buchet doar prin Floraria online din Cluj, Flori la
  • Te iubesc 

    219.00 Lei ( € 52.56 )
    Atunci cand daruiesti o floare este recomandat sa stii semnificatia lor, de aceea Floraria Online Flori la ti-a pregatit acest buchet denumit " Te Iubesc! ", compus din 18 lalele albe care in cultura chineza semnifica ''dragoste perfecta'', iar culoarea acestora(alb) semnifica puritatea sentimentelor, de asemena am adaugat o pata de culoare cu aceste trandafir rosu, care aduce un pic de senzualitate buchetului, facandu-l perfect pentru orice ocazie.
    Spune-i Te Iubesc daruindu-i acest minunat buchet doar cu ajutorul Florariei Online din Cluj, Flori la
  • Dragobete 

    101.00 Lei ( € 24.24 )
    Buchet din 7 gerbere, 2 cupe de crini si floricele ornamentale, pentru a te ajuta sa sarbatoresti ziua Dragobetelui cu cat mai multa dragoste.
  • 21 colorful freesias 

    213.00 Lei ( € 51.12 )
    In England, Queen Victoria's court, the language of flowers was normally used, with great refinement. Many of the nuances and meanings were lost, but today I read in a knowledgeable bunch.
    Flowers may be nostalgic, romantic, can be bold or retained. All we know is his meaning.
    That's why we created this beautiful bouquet of 21 colorful freesias especially loved to tell the person reveal your feelings.
    Send this elegant bouquet only online florist in Cluj, Flowers to, which may be accompanied by a message and a sweet gift.
  • Pink Basket 

    450.00 Lei ( € 108.00 )
    The nature colors are finding in this marvelous basket with pink roses and lilys, destined to make you a nice surprise, at any occasion.
    The basket flowers is made from 23 pink roses and 2 pink lilys, which are looking like they are picked from the garden, nice arranged to give in your lovely person's life a plus of color and joy. Color and gentility are two quality that are found in this pink roses and lilys basket.
    The online florist from Cluj, Flowers in is by your side and send for you this gorgeous roses and lilys basket by the wanted message and a sweet gift.

    The basket may differ in accordance with the stock.
  • 41 Roses 

    540.00 Lei ( € 129.60 )
    The 41 red roses nice arranged certainly mettlesome everybody with their color and happiness and will say in your name Happy Birthday! to your lovely person...By the flowers bouquet you can send a message with the online florist, Flowers in Cluj. Send to your lovely person this beautiful red roses bouquet through the online florist from Cluj, Flowers in
  • 11 Happy Tulips 

    125.00 Lei ( € 30.00 )
    We created this elegant bouquet of 11 pink tulips tied with a delicate ribbon of the same color, to help you to submit your loved one's feelings and thoughts.
  • Multicoloured Basket 

    280.00 Lei ( € 67.20 )
    Basket with 17 spring-colored roses, will bring many smiles and loved a bit of sun.
    Always gifted in the heart of flowers, lovely person will bring only good feelings, just by sending this beautiful basket Cluj online florist, Flowers to, which may be accompanied by a message and a sweet gift.

    The basket may vary depending on the stock.
  • Mauve Delicate 

    125.00 Lei ( € 30.00 )
    Take advantage of our free delivery in Cluj-Napoca and send her lovely person this fresh bouquet of 11 tulips purple,
  • 17 Spring Dream 

    156.00 Lei ( € 37.44 )
    A bouquet of 17 pink tulips represents the heart of popular culture lovers.
  • The beauty of Red Tulips 

    140.00 Lei ( € 33.60 )
    Around the year 1600, women wore bodices noble French tulips and dress materials that were printed these flower .
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