Flowers for Dother

Flowers for Dother from Flori la Cluj

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  • Harmony 

    180.00 Lei ( € 43.20 )
    "Harmony" este un buchet compus din 8 trandafiri , 3 mini rose si verdeata proaspata toate acestea formand un buchet colorat , perfect pentru acest anotimp friguros.

    Pentru ca surpriza ta sa fie completa floraria online din Cluj , Flori la Cluj. ro iti pune la dispozitie o gama variata de praline si bomboane de ciocolata , vaze de sticla si ursuleti dragalasi de plus , toate acestea le gasiti in categoria "Cadouri" a site-ului nostru.

    *Imaginea este cu titlu de prezentare si nu contine vaza , aceasta o pute-ti achizitiona din sectiunea "Cadouri" a site-ului nostru .
  • Simple red & white 

    182.00 Lei ( € 43.68 )
    Buchetul "Simple red & white" este un buchet ideal pentru Sarbatorile de iarna fiind in culorile specifice acestei perioade anuale.
  • Love in pink 

    183.50 Lei ( € 44.04 )
    Buchet elegant compus din 7 trandafirii roz si 6 alstroemeria albe
  • Garoafe in alb si rosu 

    185.00 Lei ( € 44.40 )
    Un buchet pe cat de simplu pe atat de elegant.

    Buchetul este compus din 23 de garoafe albe si rosi, flori elegante , suave , apreciate de orice femeie.

    Pentru ca surpriza ta sa fie completa adauga langa acest minunat buchet o cutie de praline sau bomboane de ciocolata, un ursulet dragalas de plus sau o vaza de sticla , toate acestea le gasiti in sectiunea "Cadouri" a site-ului nostru.

    *Imaginea este cu titlu de prezentare si nu contine vaza .
  • Frezii si trandafiri albi 

    189.00 Lei ( € 45.36 )
    Buchet elegant compus din 5 trandafirii albi si 6 frezii mov.
  • Lady in Red !!! 

    199.00 Lei ( € 47.76 )
    Buchetul "Lady in Red" este un buchet clasic, realizat din trandafiri si garoafe rosii.
  • Pink and Green 

    208.00 Lei ( € 49.92 )
    One beautiful flowers bouquet made from 9 roses and 10 carnations in which prevail the pink color.
    The flowers allow us to express our feelings; the pink roses means forgiveness and friendship and the carnations means fidelity...
    The flowers bouquet is a gorgeous color combination between leafage green and the pink of the roses and carnations which are growing up through the leafage...these flowers will always bring luck, happiness and delight.
    The roses and carnations happiness and delicacy will be certainly transmit to the person who receive the flowers bouquet.
    The online florist from Cluj, Flowers in help you to create a special moment to your lovely person and send for you this gorgeous roses and carnations bouquet by the wanted message and a sweet gift.
  • Buchet cu frezia si trandafiri 

    209.00 Lei ( € 50.16 )
    Un buchet din nuante de mov, roz si alb , compus din 7 trandafiri si 8 frezii , perfect pentru a ai spune "TE ADOR " iubitei tale .
  • Pure Red 

    210.00 Lei ( € 50.40 )
    Legend says that rose, at first white, would be reddened when Jupiter Venus surprised her bathing in a lake is surrounded by roses. According to Persian tales, red roses should be defended because of a nightingale in love with a white rose. It embraced so tightly that the thorns have pierced the heart and blood colored flowers. The story which inspired Oscar Wilde to write the story of The Nightingale and the Rose.
    We have created this beautiful bouquet of 13 red roses signifying love and passion that will fascinate loved.

    Send this beautiful bouquet only Cluj online florist, Flowers to, which may be accompanied by a message and a sweet gift.

    Figure presentation is titled and contains no vase, it can be bought from our website at Flowers
  • Spring it's here! 

    211.00 Lei ( € 50.64 )
    Our florists have composed this beautiful bouquet of 10 pink tulips and irises 11 especially to warm the soul and lovely person to tell that spring is just around the corner.
  • Zambete intr-un cosulet  

    219.00 Lei ( € 52.56 )
    Am adunat zambete si printre acestea am pus 3 trandafiri roz , 1 crizantema , 2 alstromeria , 5 frezii albe si frunze ornamentale
  • Pink ecstasy 

    237.00 Lei ( € 56.88 )
    Brahma, the creator of the universe who never seen a rose, he could not believe Vishnu as the rose would be the most beautiful flower in the world, claiming that the flower is certainly the most charming lotus. Seeing him then and wonderful flower, rose and acknowledged the supremacy of justice peerless Vishnu, causing it to him, rose petals, the goddess Lakshmi, who would become his wife.
    We have created this beautiful bouquet of 13 pink roses wrapped in raw green leaves, especially to bring joy and love in the loved person's soul.
    Send this bunch only Cluj online florist, Flowers to, which may be accompanied by a message and a sweet gift.

    Figure presentation is titled and contains no vase, it can be bought from our website at Flowers
  • Pink Basket 

    240.00 Lei ( € 57.60 )
    13 pink roses in a wicker basket with green leaves .
  • Special Red 

    241.00 Lei ( € 57.84 )
    Buchetul "Special Red !!!" este un buchet ideal pentru ai arata dragostea ta .
  • Pink Dream 

    275.00 Lei ( € 66.00 )
    But if so who gives, and the receiver know the symbolism of flowers, it can get infinite shades appreciation and convey what love can move from branch (Lily) to romantic love (the famous bouquet of red roses).
    We created this delicate bouquet composed of 19 pink roses harmonize with fresh green, which denotes a deep sensitivity, symbolizes feelings of admiration and sympathy, expressing gratitude and appreciation, grace and delicacy, but also friendship, compassion, joy full, so this bouquet is perfect for any occasion.
    Cluj online florist, Flowers to done for you this lovely bouquet of fresh roses the best and the surprise to be complete you can add a message and a sweet gift.

    * The picture is the presentation title and contains no vase.
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