Flowers for Bebe

Flowers for Bebe from Flori la Cluj

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  • 3 pink roses  

    62.00 Lei ( € 14.88 )
    A bouquet of 3 roses in candy colors.
  • 5 white roses 

    90.00 Lei ( € 21.60 )
    Purity can be found in white roses.
  • 5 colorful roses 

    90.00 Lei ( € 21.60 )
    Colors chosen for the bouquet of 5 roses.
  • 5 pink roses 

    90.00 Lei ( € 21.60 )
    Smiling bouquet composed of five pink roses.
  • 7 pink gerberas 

    99.00 Lei ( € 23.76 )
    A bouquet made of 7 full appreciation pink gerbera and greenery.
  • 7 red tulips bouquet 

    99.00 Lei ( € 23.76 )
    Tell your feelings by giving him a fresh bouquet of 7 red tulips, sensual, and love.
    It's a bunch that can be offered at any time of life and a perfect choice for Valentine's Day.
  • 5 red roses and aspidistra leaves . 

    101.00 Lei ( € 24.24 )
    5 red roses and aspidistra leaves very passionate.
  • Spring in colours 

    105.00 Lei ( € 25.20 )
    In the Far East yellow lilies are called'' flower of glory'' due to their similar shape to that of a scepter, yellow lilies have also become the symbol of royalty signifying perfection.
    We have created this wonderful bouquet consists of 3 beautiful yellow lilies and harmonized with 4 pink roses, special for any occasion, both important days in your life and to make a surprise a loved one.
    Order now only online florist bouquet of Cluj, Flowers to and you get a prompt delivery and the freshest flowers.

    * Vase is for presentation and can be ordered from the site
  • Don't forget me! - Yellow 

    120.00 Lei ( € 28.80 )
    To make a nice surprise to your lovely person the online florist from Cluj, Flowers la send for you this gorgeous yellow roses bouquet. The flowers bouquet is made from 7 yellow roses that will be bring certainly to your lovely person a large smile and she certainly "don't forget you". Next to the roses bouquet you can send also a sweet gift or a message.

    The image is with presentation title and didn't contain the vase.
  • 7 trandafiri rosii 

    120.00 Lei ( € 28.80 )
    Dragoste perfecta exclama acest buchet din 7 trandafiri rosii .
  • Beauty of goods 

    120.00 Lei ( € 28.80 )
    The beauty of goods changed in 7 pink roses .
  • 9 garoafe rosii cu fundita  

    135.00 Lei ( € 32.40 )
    Buchet compus din 9 garoafe cochete .
  • White and Red 

    139.00 Lei ( € 33.36 )
    Lily is a very expressive flowers has different meanings depending on his color. The white lily means purity and majesty, so we created this royal bouquet composed of three white lilies harmonize with the four red roses for more expressiveness.
    Buy now this wonderful bouquet only through online florist in Cluj, Flowers to especially for youre loved, or for a special event in your life.

    * Vase is for presentation and can be ordered from the site
  • 11 red carnations 

    140.00 Lei ( € 33.60 )
    Bouquet of 11 red carnations .
  • Red & Green Sparkle 

    167.00 Lei ( € 40.08 )
    Un buchet perfect in tonuri de rosu si verde, cu siguranta nu ii va rezista ...
  • Lucky Carnations  

    200.00 Lei ( € 48.00 )
    In the Victorian language of flowers, the carnation is given to a woman as a symbol of luck.One bright red carnation means admiration, and a dark red love and affection. White carnations are a symbol of purity, and the dapple with several colors, is the regret of not having a shared love.
    That's why we created this bouquet of 15 carnations, lovely person who will bring good luck love and affection from your side.
    Send this beautiful bouquet of carnations lovely person, just by Cluj intemediul online florist, Flowers to who may be accompanied by a message and a sweet gift.

    Figure presentation is titled and contains no vase, it can be separately ahizitionata on our website at Flowers
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